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Title:Desigining My Own Video Game
Painter:Nicholas Volsteedt
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:South Africa

Title:My Father
Painter:Kajino Akira
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:Hiratsuka city

Title:If the Match is between Brazil and Cameroon
Painter:Yaphet Tilahun
Age:7(M)  Nation/Region:Ethiopia
Title:Japanese Bantams
Painter:Yahata Yuki
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Sgamihara city

Title:A Cat Family
Painter:Suzuki Orika
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Fujisawa city
Painter:Ira Dotsenko
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Title:No Title
Painter:Linda Fialova
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Czechslovakia

Title:Harvesting Corn
Painter:Tan Xu
Age:7(M)  Nation/Region:China

Painter:Jenny Gustafsson
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Sweden

Title:The Keihin Industrial Zone Seen from Nama-Mugi Primary School
Painter:Rikimaru Yuji
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Painter:Wada Miki
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:Fujisawa city
Title:The Pottery Village
Painter:Suneth Kalapugama
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:unkown

Title:Standing on Head
Painter:Helena Kurekova
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Czechslovakia

Title:Mother and Children
Painter:Ritwik Chawia
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:India

Title:Me and My Cats
Painter:Uchida Yu
Age:9(M)  Nation/Region:Hiratsuka city

Title:Animals in Our Village
Painter:James Jitendra Ram
Age:7(M)  Nation/Region:Fiji

Title:The Carp's Gate to Success
Painter:Liu Shun Da
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:China

Title:Goden Autumn
Painter:Zhang Hua
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:China

Title:Miss Kobayashi
Painter:Goto Tamaki
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Odawara city

Painter:Lena Cassan
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Painter:Okazaki Akiko
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Kamakura city

Title:Calling Mr.Brueghel
Painter:Christian Hromatka
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Australia

Painter:Olia Gostinnik
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Title:Magic Mirror
Painter:Zhao Xin
Age:10(unkown)  Nation/Region:China

Painter:Lhagvasurengiin Byamba
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Mongol

Title:Men at Work
Painter:U.K.G. Sangeeva Kumara
Age:9(M)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:Person Playing Guitar
Painter:Machida Satoshi
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:No Title
Painter:Szczygielska Ewelina
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Poland

Title:Picture of a Cat Family
Painter:Ikeda Yoshimi
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Kawasaki city

Title:Saw Timber
Painter:U. Prabhali Malika Fernando
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:No Title
Painter:Natalka Solarska
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Poland

Title:My Art Teacher
Painter:Sumiya Ryousuke
Age:4(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Painter:Evelina Fedorenko
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Title:Hide-and-Seek in the Classroom
Painter:Hayashi Yoshio
Age:13(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:Jatilan and Environment
Painter:Nyoman Putra Dewantara
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Indonesia

Title:A Night View
Painter:Izumi Keitaro
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:unkown

Painter:Nagashima Hiroki
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Hiratsuka city

Painter:Margela Gisper Medero
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Cuba

Title:Face is the Index of Character
Painter:Y.A. Reddy
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:India

Title:It's Windy Today
Painter:Natasha Bolotina
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Title:Having Fun in the Water
Painter:Kong Wei Siong
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:Singapore

Title:Playing with Flowers in the Spring
Painter:Xue Heng Shu
Age:6(unkown)  Nation/Region:China

Title:My Mother
Painter:Raweewan Kummamoon
Age:4(F)  Nation/Region:Thailand

Title:Pal Dal Park
Painter:Cho Su Hwa
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Korea

Title:Chinese Cultural Month
Painter:Seah Sze Yee
Age:9(F)  Nation/Region:Singapore

Painter:Chen Fang Mei
Age:9(F)  Nation/Region:Taiwan

Title:People of Malaysia
Painter:Norfaiza Be Ali
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Malaysia

Painter:Ma Nun Nun
Age:14(unkown)  Nation/Region:Myanmar

Title:Mehndi Scene
Painter:Saima Sayed
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Pakistan

Title:Cyearmics Vendor
Painter:Andang T. Sumarno
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:Indonesia

Title:No Title
Painter:Rodolfo G. Villosa
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Philippines

Painter:Pranab Man Sing(h?) Pradhan
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Nepal

Title:Rural Bangladesh
Painter:Md. Mobinul Alam
Age:13(M)  Nation/Region:Bangladesh

Painter:P. Satya Prakash
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:India

Title:Village Corner
Painter:Supratim Basu
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:India

Title:The Lives of Fisherman
Painter:Upeka Sanjeeyani Gajanayaka
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:View of Our Cournty
Painter:Belen Tuncay
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Turkey

Title:Fishing at the Golden Beach
Painter:M.A. Nelushi Rudeepa
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:Derssing the Bride
Painter:Margarita Chatzigiorka
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Cyprus

Title:Making Local Biscuits from Bread Fruit
Painter:Dorah Kailo
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Solomon Islands

Title:My Mother
Painter:Asena Virilatikobau
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Fiji

Painter:Seoy Horyna
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Australia

Title:Running on the Beach
Painter:Anne Nainoca
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:New Zealand

Painter:Maikail Jalat Sabat
Age:6(unkown)  Nation/Region:Egypt

Title:The Male Fetish Dancer
Painter:Benedicta Princess Adwowa Menyah
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Ghana

Title:Country Side Life of Ethiopia
Painter:Kirubel Abebe
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:Ethiopia

Title:Beware of Venomous Snakes-Puff Adder
Painter:Matildah Zijenah
Age:12(unkown)  Nation/Region:Zimbabwe

Painter:Sukaina Abbas Jaffer
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Kenya

Title:The Line Exhales
Painter:Silviane Ratovonarivo
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Madagascar

Title:Work on a Farm
Painter:Appa Gopal Rao
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Mauritius

Title:A Very Angry Cat
Painter:Timothy Smith
Age:7(M)  Nation/Region:South Africa

Title:Anita's Farm
Painter:Jean-Nobel Gesner
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Haiti

Title:Crushed Ice
Painter:Ana Isabel Garcia Morales
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Mexico

Title:Goblins and the Sun
Painter:Celia Sandra Beune Ormea
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Cuba

Title:A Sequence of Owls Confusing the Sun
Painter:Dewis Paola Phe Funchal
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Guatemala

Title:Still Life with Tomatoes
Painter:Lara Borges Oliveira
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:America

Title:A Portrait
Painter:Elma Nohemy Pineda
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Honduras

Title:Working in the Camp
Painter:Katiusca Acosta
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Dominica

Title:A Late Afternoon in Guanacasto
Painter:Bernal Solano Monge
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Costa Rica

Title:Free Title
Painter:Tsugawa Kawano Kevin
Age:4(M)  Nation/Region:Peru

Title:A High Plateau in Bolivia
Painter:Mery Zurita Alvarez
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Bolivia

Title:A Car in My City
Painter:Douglas Neira
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Colombia

Painter:Julieta Gorrino
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Argentine

Title:No Title
Painter:Tiago Giora
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Brazil

Title:A Sunny Day
Painter:Hugo Miguel Collares Rodriguez
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Uruguay

Title:A Group of Boy Scouts at a Camping Field
Painter:Esteban Gonzalez Damke
Age:8(M)  Nation/Region:Chile

Title:A Clown
Painter:Nuria Gonzalez Zalama
Age:4(F)  Nation/Region:Spain

Title:Hair Flair
Painter:Lesley Crossan
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:United Kingdom

Painter:Maria Mercedes Zerega
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Ecuador

Title:Cubistic Dream
Painter:Maria Carla Cicciola
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Italy

Title:The Square
Painter:Conte Simone
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Italy

Painter:Maria Lendvai
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Hungary

Title:Remembrances of Hortobagy
Painter:Ferenc Csahoczi
Age:13(M)  Nation/Region:Hungary

Title:Flower Shop
Painter:Khatuna Karchaidza
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:USSR

Title:No Title
Painter:Kama Jackowska
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Poland

Painter:Anne Paulsson
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Sweden

Painter:Andrian Angelov
Age:5(F)  Nation/Region:Bulgaria

Title:It's Our World
Painter:Tamara Muller
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Netherlands

Painter:Gorgi Andonov
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Serbia


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