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Painter:Thamamakul Patanapong
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Thailand
10 (1999) Exhibition  President of the Japan 
Title:Self Portrait
Painter:Luke Dolan
Age:13(M)  Nation/Region:Australia
Painter:Mario Rafael Perez Rodriguez
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Venezuela
Title:Climb Climb
Painter:Tamura Shion
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city
Title:In the Afternoon
Painter:Shinozaki Toshihiko
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city
Title:A Gardener
Painter:Anamika Debpurakayastha
Age:5(F)  Nation/Region:India
Title:No Title
Painter:Zhou Guan Chen
Age:8(unkown)  Nation/Region:China
Title:My Face
Painter:Kishi Satomi
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Atsugi city
10 (1999) Exhibition  President of the Japan 

Title:A Bull
Painter:Sveta Georgieva
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Ukraine
Title:Flying Kites
Painter:Bagya Madhavi Gunathilake
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka
Painter:Inoue Lin
Age:9(F)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city
Title:The Tree
Painter:Choi Seho
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Korea

Painter:Numakami Tomoyo
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Samukawa    

Title:A House
Painter:Mahmood Sayeed
Age:8(M)  Nation/Region:Kuwait

Title:No Title
Painter:Samson Smefraw Assefa
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Ethiopia

Title:Old Indonesian Masks
Painter:Mikita Daisuke
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:The Death
Painter:Chanka Pbojee Dodampegamage
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:The Girl and the Butterfly
Painter:Vladimira Sikorova
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Czech

Title:The House of My Grandmother
Painter:Danil Dovgovorets
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:Ukraine

Painter:Lasiha Ranmal Gamage
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:A Lily and a Swallowtail
Painter:Suzuki Yuka
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:A Washer Man
Painter:Farooque Umar
Age:12(M)  Nation/Region:Pakistan

Title:White Eyes-The Fast Eaters
Painter:Iwamoto Ali
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:Odawara city

Title:A Little Girl
Painter:Muna Butiy
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:Arab Emirates

Title:No Title
Painter:Thiloka Amapani Withanachchi
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Sri Lanka

Title:My Cat and Cock
Painter:Jonaitis Zygmantas
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Lithuania

Title:A Go-cart in the Sea
Painter:Funaki Hiroshi
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:A Night of Fireworks
Painter:Hikita Midori
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Chigasaki city

Title:I'm Drawing together with My Father
Painter:Nastya Melnikova
Age:9(F)  Nation/Region:Ukraine

Title:No Title
Painter:Zoran Lozanouski
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Macedonia

Title:I'm in the Muontains
Painter:Rita Sapegina
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Russia

Title:A Brid's Town
Painter:Lueia Theisiova
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Slovakia

Title:Wild Cat
Painter:Emmanuel Borja
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:The Mariana Islands

Painter:Higashijyou Ami
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:Happy Vegetables
Painter:Igari Mayu
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Painter:Eduardo Konovarenko
Age:9(M)  Nation/Region:Latvia

Title:The Heart
Painter:Onodyear Maya
Age:15(F)  Nation/Region:Yokohama city

Title:Living in Mother's Love
Painter:Viet Hung Nam Phan
Age:10(M)  Nation/Region:Vietnam

Title:My World
Painter:Nastya Tvorilova
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:Ukraine

Title:I am Strong
Painter:Kikuchi Takuya
Age:5(M)  Nation/Region:Yokosuka city

Title:Beijing Opyear
Painter:Ai Lun
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:China

Title:The Beautiful Underworld of Moldives
Painter:Adam Mohamed Aman
Age:9(M)  Nation/Region:Maldives

Title:Ladies Kampung
Painter:Ong Shook Chen
Age:10(F)  Nation/Region:Malaysia

Title:Going to the Pagoda
Painter:Phuong Thi My Lam
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Vietnam

Title:World Children
Painter:Sukhbat Munhbaatar
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Mongol

Title:Asmat's Dance
Painter:Monica Lestiani Basuki
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Indonesia

Title:Fishing of My Country
Painter:Noor Rifat Ara
Age:11(F)  Nation/Region:Bangladesh

Title:Liquorice Seller
Painter:Eva'a Abdul-Aziz Habeeb
Age:13(M)  Nation/Region:Iraq

Painter:Lee Ju Hyung
Age:11(M)  Nation/Region:Korea

Title:No Title
Painter:Dina Novelati
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Syria

Title:The Setting Sun
Painter:Ren Meng Lu
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:China

Title:No Title
Painter:Holly Young
Age:5(F)  Nation/Region:New Zealand

Title:The Cow and Her Baby
Painter:Ahmed Safa Abdulla
Age:5(F)  Nation/Region:Mauritius

Title:Trip to the Jungle
Painter:Jeffrey Pangelinan
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:The Mariana Islands

Title:Preparing to Plant
Painter:Michael Wright
Age:15(M)  Nation/Region:Zimbabwe

Title:No Title
Painter:Bounama Yade
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Senegal

Title:A Village
Painter:Mitra Priyanka
Age:8(M)  Nation/Region:Zambia

Title:No Title
Painter:Jana Aluservska
Age:8(F)  Nation/Region:Macedonia

Title:Looking at Aboriginal Artpaintings
Painter:Angelique Williams
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Belgium

Title:My Favorite Things
Painter:Caroline Ohmenhauser
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Germany

Title:My Grandfather
Painter:Katrina Dimanta
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Latvia

Title:No Title
Painter:Danilo Kanjuh
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:Serbia

Title:No Title
Painter:Kushusya Galitzukaya
Age:6(F)  Nation/Region:Russia

Title:An Animal That Does Not Exist
Painter:Antonion Ourania
Age:7(F)  Nation/Region:Greece

Title:The Great Tree
Painter:Ida Joanna Sihvonen
Age:14(F)  Nation/Region:Sweden

Title:The First Snow
Painter:Roman Albul
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Ukraine

Painter:Katarina Kuric
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:Croatia

Title:No Title
Painter:Ramdhanie Garindra
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Trinidad and Tobaco

Painter:Daniele Nichol Hall
Age:13(F)  Nation/Region:America

Title:No Title
Painter:Jorge Ariel Ramirez Segura
Age:8(M)  Nation/Region:Costa Rica

Painter:Fernando Navas
Age:9(M)  Nation/Region:Ecuador

Title:A Man Riding on Horseback
Painter:Mitsui Manami Milian
Age:14(M)  Nation/Region:Paraguay

Title:The Lion
Painter:Matias Anclres Fuentes Bobadilla
Age:7(M)  Nation/Region:Chile

Painter:Lorena Patricia Posada Sampayo
Age:12(F)  Nation/Region:Colombia

Title:No Title
Painter:Maria Ayelen Bandoni
Age:5(F)  Nation/Region:Argentine

Title:Shapping at the Watermelon
Painter:Leticia Nami Shinotsuka
Age:4(F)  Nation/Region:Brazil

Title:No Title
Painter:Cristian Rafael Huangal Perez
Age:6(M)  Nation/Region:Peru

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